Dynamic NAV Upgrades

Have you been looking into upgrading your current Dynamics system? If you're investigating an upgrade to the latest version, NAV 2016 includes all the latest feature updates and newest functions that can help provide your business that competitive edge it is looking for.

We recommend upgrading your Dynamics NAV system to ensure you remain on a Microsoft supported version and so you can make use of all the new features and functionality available. Doing so will allow you to improve your business management processes, make the most of your ERP system and get a better return on your investment from the system. Ultimately you will gain a better and more powerful system to organize and run your business with.

If you're up to date with your Microsoft software enhancement fee (typically included in your support package), then you're entitled to an upgrade to use the latest version of Dynamics NAV available as part of the enhancement. We can help you ascertain if you are already eligible for the upgrade and if available we will be able to help you with the software and system upgrade.

Delay your Dynamics NAV upgrade for too long and your end users will have to learn and receive training on a large number of system and software changes all in one go, which can be disruptive to your employees, leading to negatively affected business performance. 

Drive profitability
Drive profitability

Pain Free Upgrade

Upgrading NAV doesn’t have to be painful. Making NAV systems work for you is what we do—whether it’s an upgrade from an old system, addition of new features and functionalities, or opening up access data to through tablets and other mobile devices.

We have hundreds of NAV upgrades under our belt, all with 100% satisfaction rate. That’s because our process is thorough and because we strive to keep your stress level low.

Why Upgrade

Upgrading is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Done right, an upgrade can bring real business value. When you upgrade, you can take advantage of new features, platform, and fixes to previous versions. Upgrading also helps you stay in compliance and allows you to increase productivity with more advanced software technology. 

The result: 

  • lower costs
  • More opportunities
  • More competitive position

Painless Implementation

Ultimately, the success of an upgrade depends on the partner you choose. An upgrade partner should not treat upgrades as a “part-time job;” they should have a dedicated team with the experience of doing a large number of upgrades to draw from, a deep understanding of the tools needed, and a proven methodology. At Value Stream Systems, we take pride in our excellent reputation for smooth execution of upgrades, regardless of industry or complexity. 

Our upgrade teams are specially staffed according to the needs of your organization to coordinate and manage your NAV upgrade from start to completion. We also include key employees from your organization to ensure clear communication and efficient collaboration. Our carefully designed upgrade methodology utilizes the Microsoft Upgrade Toolkit, the Microsoft Data Conversion/Migration tool, other code comparison tools, and proven practices and procedures.


With your upgrade, you can expect that we’ll pay attention to every aspect of your specific situation. Our process assumes you have a highly customized NAV environment so we:

  • Complete a detailed needs assessment to identify business requirements
  • Develop a customized plan
  • Take care in how we implement the plan to minimize disruption
  • Begin to upgrade NAV.

Let's Get Started

If your organization uses NAV and hasn’t upgraded lately, now is the time. Dynamics NAV 2016 delivers breakthrough innovations in the software and in deployment options, such as a Web Client, SharePoint client, Azure, refined Role-tailored capabilities, secure web service calls, bank integration, Office 365 integration, and more. Discover ways to reduce the cost of upgrading to Dynamics NAV 2016.

We’re trained to implement Microsoft’s NAV upgrades in a manner that does not distract from running your business. But, we don’t stop there.  We provide you with a dedicated support desk staffed by NAV professionals. Call us 24/7. We are there to answer any questions and walk you through issues—whenever you need us.

Don’t delay. Now is the perfect time to upgrade!